Small Business Web & Graphic Design

Small Business Marketing Solutions – That Get Big Business Results!

Jasmine “Webmistress” Walker is a professional webmaster, website designer, marketer, and graphic designer located in San Diego, Ca. The next step to growing your business could mean a new website design, optimizing your Facebook business page, an advertising campaign, or simply a new business card design.

Whatever your small business needs to thrive and grow, Jasmine Walker Design has the perfect cost effective marketing solution for you. View Jasmine’s Portfolio.

What’s a Webmistress?

A webmaster is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites. Webmasters are also sometimes referred to as web developers, site administrators, or as Jasmine prefers, “Webmistress”. The duties of a webmaster include: designing a website, generating and revising web pages, ensuring that website servers are operating correctly, responding to user comments, and examining search engine traffic data from the website.

Webmaster knowledge has led to several of Jasmine’s clients ranking organically in Google results. Working with Jasmine, you’ll have a webmaster with expertise in cost effective marketing strategies that get results.