Jasmine Walker Marketing & Design

Small Business Marketing Solutions, Big Business Marketing Results

Jasmine “Webmistress” Walker is a professional webmaster, website designer, and graphic designer located in San Diego, Ca. The next step to growing your business could mean a new website design, optimizing your Facebook business page, an advertising campaign, or simply a business card design. Whatever your small business needs to thrive and grow, Jasmine Walker Design has the perfect cost effective marketing solution.

Jasmine has business relationships with thriving clients in a variety of industries that have trusted her services for years. Jasmine Walker has contributed to the development and maintenance of hundreds of websites and brands for small business owners all over the world.


What’s a Webmistress?

A webmaster is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites. Webmasters may also sometimes be referred to as web developers, site administrators, or as Jasmine prefers, “Webmistress”.

Custom Website Design

A website for your business means tapping into a potential customer base online. However if this isn’t done correctly, your website will never perform for you. You need a website that is clean, code efficient, and appealing to search engines like, Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Jasmine is a web developer with marketing expertise in SEO & SEM, WordPress, and HTML/CSS, so you can trust that your design will perform above and beyond your needs.

Print & Web Graphic Design

Every business needs marketing materials for both Print & Web Advertising. If your strategy includes business cards, brochures, or signs, then you need a graphic designer. As a designer with a marketing background and extensive experience with ad agencies and graphic departments, be assured that your creative piece will not only get your message across, but will also do so in a way proven to be strategically beneficial for your industry.

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”
― Steuart Henderson Britt

Online & Offline Marketing

Customized Marketing is available to ensure your efforts are rewarded, and your advertising is effective. Together we’ll strategize and focus on the platforms that make the most sense for your business.

Webmaster Services

Remote Webmaster services are available in areas of marketing that include web maintenance, media communication, and social media management. These services are essential to maintain customer engagement, maintaining a healthy website, and remaining in accordance with best practices.