Meet Jasmine

Jasmine “Webmistress” Walker is a professional website developer and graphic designer located in San Diego, Ca. Her desire to create led to the pursuit of her Bachelors in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of California. She began with the intention of breaking into the tattoo industry, but quickly developed a love for digital creatives using modern technology. Her vocational experiences in sales and marketing came soon after, where she discovered another love and talent – communicating through graphic design. This led to the birth of Jasmine Walker Design, now specializing in brand development for small businesses all over the world. Jasmine has worked with small business clients all across the United States, and even as far as Dubai!

Professional Career Experience

Jasmine is a webmaster, programmer, and developer that has contributed her expertise to several I.T. departments. Read more about Jasmine’s professional career on LinkedIn.

Supermom, Supernerd & Karaoke Superstar

When Jasmine isn’t busy building some of the most beautiful websites in all the land, she enjoys spending time with her wild son Jeremy, and longtime love muffin Dave. Having recently moved to San Diego from her hometown of Los Angeles, Jasmine enjoys discovering and supporting local small businesses. When she’s not spending time with her boys or geeking out, she enjoys rocking out with her rock band in Los Angeles, or enjoying a fun night of karaoke.