“Beautiful artwork and flyers…”

“Jasmine worked with Girlfriend Social to create some beautiful artwork and flyers that countless women around the world have used and seen. It was important that the flyer matched the look and feel of the website and project the right message. She created several beautiful, laid out and designed posters. A real pleasure to work with.”

– Amanda Blain, CEO of Girlfriend Social

“A valuable asset in any business…”

“Anyone having the pleasure of working with Jasmine Walker will immediately recognize and value her very unique and energetic personality. Combined with a marvelously diverse skill set, this makes her a valuable asset in any business or creative relationship. Jasmine has an affinity for marketing, branding, business administration and management, witnessed to by having experienced rapid promotion several times already in her professional career. She is highly organized and detail oriented; efficient and productive.

– Jay Holland, BIM Design Manager

“I love my new website…”

“If anyone needs website work, or a computer / web genius, Jasmine Walker is the one to call!! Highly recommended. One of my favorite ladies to talk shop with is my website designer [Jasmine Walker], she cares about my business.”

– Jamie Mullenax, Owner of Mobile Beauty By Jamie