Marketing is the action of promoting your products or services

You have the website, you created a Facebook, and you’re open for business. But now what? How do you make them work for you to generate revenue? Website performance combined with constant marketing is the key to having a successful business. Without the proper optimization, maintenance, updates, and data tracking, your website marketing will eventually begin to negatively affect your business growth.

There are several on and offline platforms your business could utilize for increased exposure. Using market research, we’ll determine where your customers are, and how to put you in front of them. How hands on you want to be in your marketing will determine the best marketing solution for you. Request a Quote.

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On & Offline Marketing Services Include

Website Updates & Maintenance

The reason your website needs to stay fresh and relevant to search engines is because search engines have “spider bots” that crawl the web and check for updated content monthly, biweekly, or weekly, depending on how often we tell search engines to check your website for new content (text and images). If your information is not updated, eventually your website will be pushed out of the way in search results to allow search engines to show more fresh content. This is how Google helps users making searches receive fresh content, instead of showing content that is old or outdated. This is the main reason businesses with new websites may see themselves begin to appear in search results, but then no longer show up in searches over long periods of time where they have not updated their website. A website is the most powerful marketing tool your business can use to reach potential customers online. Visit Jasmine’s FAQ to read further on the importance of updating your website.

Newsletters & Email Marketing

Newsletters & email marketing are a cost effective way to maintain communication with your customers on a regular basis. By adding an email subscription link to your website, or collecting emails in house at the time of doing business with a customer, you’ll be able to notify customers regularly about business news and offers. With email marketing, you can let customers know directly when you’re having a sale, email a newsletter about your business sponsoring a local event, or remind customers about a service you offer.

Google Analytics & Google Ads

Search Engine Marketing is the process of investing in advertisements that appear in search engines to help your website, products, services, or other information appear in search engine results. Google Ads & Google Analytics management is an example of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and is an available option if organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not producing the traffic you want. As a team, we will evaluate your Search Engine Marketing options and create a custom tailored marketing campaign.

Social Media Advertising

Getting started on social media can be overwhelming. Together, we’ll make sure your business pages match your brand, and are tailored to your business. Being listed on major online directories and social media platforms is key to staying connected with your customers. Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer paid advertising services. If your social media could use a boost, we’ll create a marketing campaign and target potential customers based on location and interests. Contact Jasmine for more information on social media marketing.

Marketing Coupons & Specials

A coupon or special advertising your product or services should effectively communicate through graphic design. Jasmine specializes in print and web graphic design to support all of your digital marketing needs. Visually attractive designs are key when marketing your brand. Your logo, social media, and website should all communicate in ways to drive business. The coupons and specials you use to advertise directly affects the impression customers will have of your business.