Webmistress Services

Website Maintenance –  Request a Quote

  • Update/Add/Remove website text
  • Update/Add/Remove website images
  • Update/Add/Remove website pages
  • Schedule email marketing
  • Schedule social media marketing
  • Detailed maintenance report
  • Google website traffic report
  • Manage E-Commerce (additional fee)

What’s a Webmistress?

A webmaster is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites. Webmasters may also sometimes be referred to as web developers, site administrators, or as Jasmine prefers, “Webmistress”.


Why Jasmine?

Hiring a webmaster means working with one individual to help coordinate all your on and offline marketing needs. Jasmine Walker Design specializes in the full spectrum of web development from beginning to launch and beyond. Webmaster services include domain management, website hosting, and monthly website maintenance. In addition to no third party fees and spectacular technical expertise, you’ll also have access to high quality professional graphic design services that help brand your business. Working with Jasmine, you’ll have a webmaster with both technical and design expertise developing marketing strategies that get results you can track.

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Webmaster

Hiring a remote webmaster is more cost effective than hiring a full-time in-house staff member to manage and coordinate your entire online web presence (website, social media, email marketing, etc). Hiring Jasmine as your webmaster means having an expert on your team that knows how to translate your marketing data and improve upon it on a regular basis. Instead of costing your business a time-based (40+ hours) salary, a remote webmaster is performance based and driven to get results. Get professional service across the full spectrum of web development, including design, website maintenance, and social media marketing at less than half of the cost of an in-house webmaster.

Jasmine upholds expertise in Google Webmaster Tools, Search Engine Analytics, HTML / CSS, WordPress, CMS, Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook), Website Hosting, Email Management, and maintains current knowledge of today’s best web industry practices. Webmaster service contracts are custom tailored to each business, so please schedule your consultation and quote today.



  • Optimizing the content of website pages.
  • Edit / Add links or upload files as necessary (pdfs, word docs, images, etc.)
  • Edit / Create images as necessary (slideshows, announcements, etc.)
  • Update website plugins / software.
  • Manage online marketing to be coordinated with your brand or brands
  • Manage and create email marketing campaigns consistent with your brand image
  • Design, build and maintain websites
  • Perform and/or direct website updates
  • Create and manage online branding imagery
  • Collaborate with sales and marketing staff to compliment marketing strategy.
  • Coordinate all product imagery
  • Project marketing budgets & timelines
  • Elevate user experience by establishing web best practices
  • Execute Social Media strategy based on brand direction and marketing initiatives
  • Manage Google Business Apps
  • Product Database Organization & Management
  • Manage and utilize SEO, SEM, and SMM analytics and marketing
    • Adding optimized SEO friendly code.
    • Add / Update / Delete E-Commerce product content, images, and sale campaigns.
    • Managing employee email accounts.
    • Manage / Report ad campaign analytics and performance of search engine traffic.
    • Coding HTML/CSS for both email marketing and web pages
    • Coding clean HTML/CSS table and table-less layouts
    • Ensuring that the back-end and front-end code are of the highest quality and follow best practices
    • CSS/Javascript coding for front end UI features and effects (rollovers, tabbed interfaces, image swappers and overlays, etc.)
    • Interpreting graphic visuals in HTML, CSS and Javascript
    • Engaging in quality assurance testing with an emphasis on troubleshooting cross browser/email client issues
    • Managing and debugging jobs from start to finish
    • Providing input into CSS/HTML site development standards and processes